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Our offerings

Need to Raise Finance, Securitise or List Assets

Bedford Row Capital offers a complete origination and syndication solution for the issuance of High Yield bonds, green bonds, private debt, short-term commercial paper and Sukuk.

Looking to Access Yield and Liquidity

Bedford Row Capital connects investors to bankruptcy-remote structures that offer a clear line of sight to assets and security. Exchange listings include transparent pricing and secondary market.

Want to Diversify Your Portfolio

Bedford Row Capital offers investors uncorrelated opportunities outside of local markets, which provide exposure to SME financing, UK real estate, Australian Mining, supply chain finance, ESG & SDG impact investing.

About Us

Bedford Row Capital is an award-winning, non-bank originator that exists to serve a diverse range of firms who are unable to access the services of banks and want to raise finance in the debt capital markets.

Through insight and innovation Bedford Row Capital provides borrowers with a streamlined process while reducing costs, and giving investors access to yield and liquidity. 

A Complete Origination and Syndication Solution for the Issuance of:


High Yield Bonds

Asset agnostic experience in multiple asset classes including real estate, renewable energy, mining, shipping, aviation, trade finance and more.

Green/Sustainable Bonds

In view of the lack of universally accepted guidelines, we aim to assist investors and borrowers with best practice and market intelligence.

Islamic Finance/Sukuk

Sukuk has diversified into non-traditional sectors and is a vibrant and evolving sector adapting to investor demand for liquidity.

ST Commercial Paper

In a zero yield world, Insured Money Market Certificates provide cash management with a positive return on a fixed date, fixed rate basis.

Why work with us

Pure Non-Bank Originator

Award-winning leader in origination and structuring in the CP market and Bloomberg consistently ranks us in the top 100 arrangers

Asset Agnostic Approach

Experience in multiple asset classes, including and not limited to real estate, renewable energy, mining, aviation and trade finance.

Use of state of the art technology

To enhance transparency and security for both investors and issuers, we have partnered with Bondstream, a dashboard using proprietary blockchain technology.

Experienced Management Team

The management team has experience across all aspects of capital markets and financial services, including actuarial, underwriting, insurance, and fund management.

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